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Learn How To Grow Your Own Food In Your Urban Desert Small Space!

Cait B. Smith At Sweet Tomato Test Garden. Photo by 8NewsNow

Are you trying and failing to grow a desert food garden? Perhaps you're looking for the easiest place to start. We would love to help! Porch Pepper Project is dedicated to helping Las Vegas locals start their food growing journey by diving into soil science, and putting permaculture practices to work on a small urban scale.

Fruits, Herbs & Veggies Just Steps Away From The Kitchen...It Doesn't Get Fresher Than That!

Seeds harvested from local crops means you know it is a variety that grows well in our desert climate. Always organically grown.

Start your food growing journey with our ready to GROW garden kits! Locally Harvested Seeds + Pots + Coco Coir + Labels!

Rare and unique chili pepper plants you won't find anywhere else! Variegated & Purples, Sweet to Super Hot- We always have a rotating selection!

Wanting to add some containers or raised beds but unsure of the first steps? I'm here to help! Fill out our contact form to schedule a free home garden consultation!

I am a small local Las Vegas grower hoping to inspire others to achieve more daily independence and self-sustainability by growing food from home! Establishing food security for ourselves and creating a deeper relationship with nature by cultivating rich nutrition straight from soil-to-table is a critical piece of individual freedom.


I work with Las Vegas locals who would like to begin their regenerative food growing journey by sharing soil science education, creating individual garden designs, and supplying seeds to get growing! OR skip the seeds and browse my unique collection of live mature plants available for pick-up or local delivery!

Urban Desert Gardening Guide Book Now Available!

I have collected the most useful information on how to

get started with your own small scale garden right now with tips and tricks on how to keep your plants growing through drought conditions!

         Included In Book:

  • How To Start Seeds

  • Essential Tools Needed

  • Importance of Soil Structure

  • Organic Fertilizers

  • Garden Fresh Recipes

  • Zone 9 Planting Guide

  • Garden Notebook

Most Popular Products

Tea Garden Grow Kit.jpeg

Tea Garden Grow Kit

banana pepper.jpg

Banana Pepper Seeds


Small Space Urban Desert Gardening Book


Cat Garden Grow Kit

Jigsaw Pepper.jpg

Jigsaw Pepper


Buena Mulata Pepper Seeds

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I would love to help in your food growing journey! Let me know where you are in the process and what you would like to achieve!

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